History of Kenny's Auto Body & Towing

In 1908, Kenny Korrell opened a blacksmith shop on the corner of Clark and Oak streets. It was a familiar site to see Kenny heating, hammering, and shaping metals. With the advent of the automobile however, Kenny began to turn his sights to auto part repairs, fixing fenders, bumpers, car doors and more. As his business increased, he soon saw that he would need a new service center, and so he moved to a new location just a short distance away. He would work out of this new shop until he retired and sold the business to Viola and Arch Day in 1938.

Kenny's Auto Service & Towing | Bellflower, CA

At first, Viola and Arch considered changing the name of the shop to celebrate their new ownership, but they soon realized that such a move would mean the cost of a new sign, new insignia on shop items, and new stationery. Since Kenny's name was already in place on these particulars, a name that was already established in the industry, Viola and Arch decided to leave well enough alone.

When Viola and Arch purchased the shop, the town of Bellflower hadn't even been incorporated yet, so Kenny's Auto Body & Towing has been around longer than the town they're now located in. Viola and Arch had been running the shop for 12 years, when in 1950, the state of California unveiled plans to build a highway that would claim the land their shop was located on. Kenny's Auto Body & Towing moved to a new location less than a mile away and three generations of Day family members have been keeping Kenny's Auto Body & Towing running smoothly ever since.